Shoalhaven Strings provides flexibility and diversity through a variety of trio and duo ensembles to suit your musical needs.  Our musicians are classically trained in violin, cello, guitar and piano, and we offer these instruments as part of the following ensembles: 

  • String duo (violin & cello) 
  • Guitar trio (violin, cello & guitar) 
  • Guitar duo (violin/cello & guitar) 
  • Piano duo (violin/cello & piano) 

Not sure what each of these ensembles sounds or looks like?  Have a read of a general description and listen to our audio demos below.


String Duo

Our String Duo comprises violin and cello - the violin plays the melody while the cello plays the harmony and bass.  This ensemble plays all styles of music, and can perform as acoustic or with amplification. If amplified, our versatile musicians have the opportunity to use a looper pedal to record and playback additional layers of sound instantaneously.  This makes the ensemble sound like numerous stringed instruments are being playing at once! 

Our acoustic String Duo is highly recommended for venues where space is limited, while our electric String Duo is highly recommended as a cheaper option to the String Trio without compromising on sound richness or complexity.

Guitar Trio

Our Guitar Trio comprises violin, cello and guitar.  Generally, the violin plays the melody, cello the harmony and bass, while the guitar provides an added richness of additional harmony, rhythm and bass.  This ensemble focuses predominantly on contemporary music and can perform acoustic or electric. 

Our Guitar Trio is highly recommended for events wanting mostly contemporary music.